Arizona Sports Betting Bill Passes Committee & Takes Shape

Arizona sports betting and california

Arizona was another state that has recently received a blessing for sports betting from the Governor. Similarly to New York and Governor Cuomo, Arizona and Governor Doug Ducey’s endorsement of sports betting has seemingly launched the legalization process. However, unlike New York, Arizona has many hurdles, including no current sports betting legalization at all.

Arizona Sports Betting Bill

When it comes to hurdles, Arizona’s major one was the tribes that run the gaming scene having the power to block the bill or cause it to move slowly. However, the newest attempt by the Arizona legislature works with tribes. It calls for sports gambling to be legalized at these tribal casinos and also promises ten licenses for tribes to launch online sports betting with online operators.

Something that is unique about the bill in Arizona is betting kiosks at professional sporting games. Currently, the only real implementation of this is in Washington D.C., which has very strange sports betting laws that basically limit sports betting to only sporting events. In Arizona, this would not be the only way to bet, but an added option to wager when at games.

The Vote on Sports Betting

The House committee that worked on the bill passed it with flying colors in a 9-1 vote to get it to the House floor to be voted on. There seems to be a huge amount of bipartisan support in both the State House and Senate, which are controlled by the Republicans at this moment.

Many expect that Arizona could very easily get this bill done in 2021 and even have sports betting launched by the end of the year. This would be one of the bigger surprises as Arizona does not even have legal daily fantasy sports in the state yet. It will be interesting to see if daily fantasy also gets a look alongside these new sports betting laws.

Impact on California

Arizona is a state that is similar to California, both geographically and in how tribal casinos hold much of the gaming power in the state. However, we are now seeing the tribes and the Arizona government work together to attempt to get sports betting legalized. This could pave the way for how California itself could legalize sports wagering.

It would seem that the best way to get California sports betting passed is to simply include the tribal casinos. In Michigan, which has had an extremely successful sports betting launch, each online operator is partnered with a land-based casino that was given a license to run an online sportsbook and casino.

In California, this would lead to dozens of licenses being available, which would be fitting for such a massive state. This would hopefully satisfy the needs and wants of the tribal casinos while still providing online sports betting and, hopefully, an online casino scene to California.

California now has guides from Arizona, Michigan, or even Tennessee, on different ways to approach sports betting. The only thing that needs to happen now is the State Congress actually doing something like the Arizona one has. The work has to be put in with such a complex topic, and hopefully, the bill can get on the 2022 ballot for voters.