Bettors Placing Money on Warriors and Lakers for NBA Championship Bets

Warriors and Lakers Leading NBA Future Bets for 2021

dkcrowngreyDraftKings has recently provided some breakdowns on where the current money is being placed when it comes to NBA futures. It is no surprise that two of the NBA’s most entertaining and best teams are leading the way.

NBA West Conference Splits

The Warriors and Lakers rank 2nd and 4th, respectively, in the total betting handle. However, they rank #1 and #2 in the number of bets being placed on them.

It seems that while a lot of people are betting on the Lakers (Ranked #1 in % of bets), those players are not big spenders. This makes a bit of sense as the Lakers just have a ton of fans all over America, and their +175 odds do not offer a ton of value with such a competitive conference.

golden state warriorsThe Warriors, on the other hand, have 36% of the handle, only second to the Mavericks, and 26% of the bets placed, only second to the Lakers. The Warriors have both the big spenders and the small bettors on their side. At +500, this does seem like a pretty good value, more than double the payout versus the Lakers’ bet, and a squad that has won championships before, even without Kevin Durant.

These numbers are even more impressive when you think about the fact that California has yet to legalize sports gambling. All of these bets are coming out of state, where DraftKings is active. Across the country, bettors are choosing the Warriors and Lakers to head to the NBA Finals next season.

NBA Championship Splits

los angeles lakersThe Lakers are currently wiping the floor with the rest of the field in both percentages of bets at 26% and the percentage of the betting handle at 49%. The Lakers +350 is not the worst value, but I am surprised that they lead in the percent handle at this point in the year. This has to speak once again to the Lakers’ fandom, and LeBron’s fandom as none of those bets are even coming from California.

The Warriors come in second in both categories at 9% of the betting handle and 11% of bets with +800 odds to win the NBA championship. Similar to the Lakers, I do not love these odds. I prefer the Western Conference Finals odds for the Warriors. However, if you are confident in the Warriors, then it would make sense to bet on them winning the Finals, as it allows you to hedge your bet if and when they enter the 2021 Finals.

nbalogo100One thing that can shake up all of these numbers is if the rumors of Giannis Antetokounmpo heading to the Warriors have any merit. Even if talks just start to heat up, the Warriors will receive a massive wave of wagers, and oddsmakers will have to adjust. With Giannis and Stephen Curry teamed up, I do not see any team beating the Warriors, barring injuries.