California NBA Player Future Bets Announced

California NBA Player-Futre Bets

Following the conclusion of the NBA Draft, many sportsbooks have now updated their future bets for the NBA. We now know the odds of some of the most prominent players in California. Both the Warriors and the Kings have significant rookies that will be vying for Rookie of the Year. Then, between the Lakers, Warriors, and Clippers, there are 5 legitimate MVP candidates that all have some juicy odds.

Rookie of the Year:

golden state warriors

James Wiseman +600

James Wiseman will be the athletic center for the Warriors’ starting five this season. I actually think that Klay Thompson going down this year really hurt Wiseman’s chances of beating out some of the other rookies like Ball and Edwards. Thompson makes this team a Finals favorite, and now most predict them to be in the bottom end of the playoff picture. However, if Wiseman can really develop a two-man game with Curry and Wiggins, then he could be the beneficiary of many, many double-doubles this season with points and rebounds. I really like the +600 odds as a contrarian pick to the favored LaMelo Ball in Charlotte.

sacramento kings

Tyrese Haliburton +1400

Tyrese Haliburton was the Sacramento Kings’ first-round pick going 12th overall. I was expecting a little longer odds in the +1700 range for this rookie, so I am not in love with the value at +1400. I do think that he has a small chance at Rookie of the Year, but I do not think that his skill set will be what the voters look for. I do not peg Haliburton to drop big box-score games, but I do think that he will be a very good NBA player for the Kings. I am not really interested in dropping any cash on this bet, but you could do worse.


golden state warriors

Stephen Curry +800

There are three guys I like out of these five favorites, and Curry is at the top. Without Thompson there, Curry is going to have to lead this team to the playoffs with superb performances. The thing is that he may not be as efficient or play as well as he would with Klay there. However, the people voting for MVP have made it clear that they look at box scores, and that is pretty much it. Curry is going to be filling that box score every single game. +800 is great value for the greatest shooter of all time.

los angeles lakers

Anthony Davis +800 & LeBron James +1000

To me, it is kind of crazy that Davis and James are not at even odds. I understand that Davis is younger and played great last season. However, this is LeBron James we are talking about. He was the one who won that championship last season, and if the Lakers slip up at all during the regular season, LeBron can turn it on and dominate the NBA. Getting that at +1,000 is a great value. Meanwhile, I much rather spend my money on Curry at +800 than Davis. It is just so hard for him to win when he is the second-best player on his squad.

los angeles clippers

Kawhi Leonard +2000 & Paul George +6000

I think Leonard is one of the best values for money at +2,000. Leonard is still an amazing basketball player, one of the top five in the NBA. If the Clippers play into the 1st seed somehow this season, then Leonard is going to be the reason why and be the favorite for MVP. Placing $10 for the chance at $200 is an easy bet here. Meanwhile, Paul George virtually has zero chance, which is represented in the +6,000 odds. I am not wasting my money on that, but he is still a solid player.