Califronia Cardrooms Reopen in Central Califronia

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Over the weekend, cardrooms in the Salinas area reopened for business. This comes when California has faced multiple COVID-19 waves and has shutdown cardrooms a few times as well.

Now, California decided to get clever and set up guidelines for casinos and cardrooms to follow to allow them to operate outdoors. This allows gaming centers to bring in some revenue when the entertainment industry has been struggling.

Salinas has been one of the last areas to reopen cardrooms and casinos. Southern California has been more fortunate to reopen over the last few weeks. Also, wildfires in California have had a huge impact on homes and businesses in the area.

Cardrooms will not be able to start operating in some fashion.

Cardrooms Guidelines

Cardrooms in Salinas have been working diligently to ensure their outdoor gaming areas are up to par with the California guidelines. A few weeks ago, the Golden State set up rules that cardrooms and casinos had to follow if they want to operate in the state.

One of these things was outdoor gaming. California cardrooms would set up a giant tent to allow for customers to play outdoors, which will limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Also, cleaning and disinfecting has been ramped up in these areas. Casino chips and cards are constantly being pulled from circulation so that casinos can disinfect them properly. When sanitizing cards, they must be kept out of circulation for at least seven days, or be destroyed every four hours.

The risk of the spread of coronavirus is huge, with cardrooms as many players can easily touch numerous cards and increase the spread rapidly.

Of course, all patrons have to wear masks to play along with employees working at the casino. Cardrooms are also working at a quarter capacity, which is much better than not being open. Employees also get to go back to work as many casino workers across the country have been furloughed since the virus broke out.

Cardrooms vs Tribal Casinos

Cardrooms and casinos, both being able to open during a pandemic, are huge. Casinos have had the constant benefit of staying open as they are all operated by tribes, and do not have to listen to Gov. Gavin Newsome’s executive order to close.

Cardrooms, on the other hand, have not been as fortunate. They have had to close multiple times due to the executive order and outbreaks that have gone on throughout the state. Now, they will be able to stay open and keep up with casinos in the state.

Outdoor gaming also helps the state as well, with both casinos and cardrooms staying open. Even though they are not operating at full capacity, casinos and card rooms can bring money for the state. California is about to face a multi-billion budget deficit, thanks to COVID-19.

Setting up outdoor gaming regulations is huge for cardrooms, and now a majority of them have reopened for business. The situation is not ideal, but have a facility that is open instead of closed is much better for business.