Can Mobile Sportsbook Get a Hold of California in the Future?

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There is no doubt why the mobile sportsbook operators that tried to take over the sports betting market in California need to make a better case. The effort was a major debacle and a significant setback to their cause.

What Can the Supporters of Prop 27 Do Differently?

Even though the coalition of gaming tribes didn’t win the majority vote, the numbers were considerably better than the bookmakers. Both sides have contributed record-breaking numbers in the marketing department. Still, the Tribes have the edge going into next year as prominent figures like Gov. Gavin Newsom sided with them.

Prop 27 would have brought mobile online sports wagering to the state, which brings a level of comfort to the bettors across the Golden State. Bettors don’t have to go to casinos and other gaming facilities throughout the year.

Regardless of the situation, Prop 27 became one of the worst-performing initiatives in the state’s history. There are many reasons why this happened.

Simply put, the measure was poorly constructed as it failed to convince voters of how they will combat the homelessness situation that is so prevalent in the state. The Tribes have a strong partnership with those living in the state. As a final point, many operators have headquarters outside the state, which means many will expect the generated revenue to go elsewhere.

The Tribes May Be Concerned With iGaming

A majority of states in the industry don’t offer iGaming as of yet, but things could change in the next few years. For example, lawmakers in New York will potentially discuss iGaming in the next legislative session that will take place in the early part of 2023.

The coalition of gaming tribes has to be somewhat concerned about this potential scenario, as it implies that the tribes will lose revenue if the bookmakers win in 2024. The Tribes heavily rely on the casinos and their four race tracks that are located throughout the state.

The Tribes have expressed other plans as they see that sportsbook companies could help them in the future, but differently. Tribes would benefit from these companies’ technological assets and real-time data.

However, that is where the line would be drawn. The sportsbook operators will not take wagers on their behalf if that ever becomes the case.

Operators Will Have Time to Come Up With a Plan

The online sportsbooks will need to come up with new strategies as they trailed Prop 26 by a considerable margin. They will need to add and amend parts of the initiative to appeal to the voters, especially the undecided group, as could help sway the results in their favor.mlblogo150

Prop 27 will need to gain more support from major organizations before the next opportunity arises in the next election cycle. They will need to garner more support than just Major League Baseball. The next two years will be important, as California remains to be a very lucrative location for the industry.