Could Both Proposition 26 and 27 Get Enough Support on the Ballot in the Upcoming Election?

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As the battle for the California sports betting market continues, the question is which ballot question will come out victorious on November 8th. However, there is a chance that both Proposition 26 and 27 could be in effect.

What are the Two Propositions on the Ballot?

The tribes and sportsbook operators have gone above and beyond in order to secure what could be one of the most lucrative markets in the industry. Under Proposition 26, sports betting would be accessible on tribal lands and four other race tracks.

Proposition 26 has been supported by the California Democrats and the League of California Cities Board of Directors, which means these groups don’t want mobile sports betting to take place in the Golden State.

Proposition 27 is led by the sportsbook operators, which is supported by the cardrooms. Taxpayers Against Special Interest Monopolies is also opposing Proposition 26. If this comes out as the winner, these bookmakers would partner with tribal casinos to offer online sports wagering to bettors across the state to start operation.

The tax revenue generated by mobile sports betting will be used to help the homeless, and 15 percent will be distributed to non-participating tribes. Both sides have been relentlessly campaigning to gain as much support as they can get until Election Day.

What Happens if Both Get Passed?

As billions of dollars are at stake for both sides in the battle, there is a decent chance that both could get legalized. The question becomes, what happens if this is the case?

Mary-Beth Moylan told a news source, “If there are two measures that conflict, and they both pass, the one that passes by a higher percentage of the vote takes effect and the other one does not.” The other alternative could let the court decide the fate of the market.

There is also a sentence on the ballot that says, “We the people of California declare that Proposition 27 does not conflict with proposition 26.” If voters go with the “yes” option on both and the court believes that there is no conflict, potential bettors can either use mobile platforms or place wagers at tribal casinos.

Voters can split the vote or say no to both. There are people that don’t want sports betting to happen at all because they believe that gambling could create compulsive gamblers.

What Options Do Californians Have for Now?

Mobile sports betting in the Golden State could be very lucrative as the state has nearly 40 million people, which would be approximately double New York’s population. The Empire State’s sports betting market is the biggest in the country as California, Texas, and Florida don’t have legal markets.fanduelsportsbookblue

Those who reside in California can play Daily Fantasy on apps like FanDuel and DraftKings as they await Election Day. Those who are able to cross state lines could go to Oregon, Arizona, and Nevada as sports wagering is offered. Nevada and Arizona are two of the biggest sports betting jurisdictions in the industry.

If both initiatives pass, bettors will have multiple options to choose from. The future of the market will be interesting if one gets support.