Dodgers/Padres Betting Odds – NL Update


Los Angeles Dodgers lost to division rival San Diego Padres in the National League Division Series. In the offseason, the Dodgers have a lot of options to consider. On the other hand, the Padres are down 2-1 in the National League Championship Series.

The Los Angeles Dodgers Fall Apart in the Post Season

The Los Angeles Dodgers are always in the conversation to be the front runners to win the World Series for the last five to six years. Besides 2020, the Dodgers, for the most part, have been unlucky as they made the necessary splashes in the offseasons and the deadline.

This offseason will be no different, as the franchise could make another splash in the offseason that could alter the course of the franchise. The team has never shied away from having strict parameters when it comes to their payroll.los angeles dodgers

The Dodgers need to do anything to stay competitive as the Padres’ stock is on the rise. The Padres will also be in the conversation to add more talent to bolster their already solid lineup.

The Dodgers have a lot of questions to answer in the offseason as they will need to make some changes. Could the Dodgers let go of star shortstop Trea Turner to pursue another star, or does the team re-sign him?

Could the team make a trade to add a star? There are a lot of questions one could put together for this team.

Do the San Diego Padres Have What It Takes to Win a Chip?

Over the years, the San Diego Padres have made several moves to get to where they are today. Before the trade deadline this season, the franchise acquired closer Josh Hader from the Milwaukee Brewers, which was a bit of a surprise.

The even bigger transaction revolved around star outfielder Juan Soto and first baseman/designated hitter from the Washington Nationals. The Padres had to find a way to move Eric Hosmer’s contract as he had a no-trade clause. The trade didn’t work at first, as he didn’t want to play for the rebuilding Nationals.

They were able to find a trade partner for Hosmer as he waived his no-trade clause to join the Boston Red Sox. The team had to part ways with Luke Voit and a slew of top-ranked prospects to get the deal done with the Nationals.

The Padres finished the regular season with 89 wins which were good for a Wildcard berth. The Dodgers had 111 wins, but that didn’t seem like it mattered.

The Padres had a tough task as they faced pitchers like Max Scherzer and Jacob Degrom. Due to the new rules, the Padres won the series 2-1 against the New York Mets.san diego padres

The Philadelphia Phillies surprised many fans as they were third in the NL East and were fighting until the very end for a wild card spot. The Phillies made quick work of the Saint Louis Cardinals as now they look to shock the baseball world. The Phillies’ pitching staff has come through in the most significant stage, as that was a point of concern during the season.

The Phillies are up 2-1 in the series as the odds have shifted toward the Phillies. The two games when the Phillies won during the series have been low-scoring games.

2022 NL Outright Betting Odds

  • Philadelphia Phillies: (-240)
  • San Diego Padres: (+200)

The series also heads back to Philadelphia for the next three games as the Phillies could set the Padres home. Game 6 and Game 7 will be in San Diego if necessary.

Series Total Game Odds

Currently, the Philadelphia Phillies are up 2-1 in the series.

  • 5 Games: +230 (Phillies win the next two games)
  • 6 Games: +172 (Phillies Go 2-1 in the next three games, or Padres Go 3-0)
  • 7 Games: +164 (Padres Goes 3-1)

World Series Odds

  • Houston Astros (-125)
  • Philadelphia Phillies: (+240)
  • San Diego Padres: (+600)
  • New York Yankees: (+800)

The Padres are likely to face Houston Astros in WS if they turn the tide. The Padres will most likely make a splash in the offseason but need to focus their attention on tying up the series on Sunday in Philadelphia as Mike Clevinger will take the mound against Noah Syndergaard.