DraftKings Ready to Launch in Louisiana


DraftKings is set to launch its DFS site in the state of Louisiana, and it will do so after years of anticipation and waiting. The Louisiana Gaming Control Board officially approved a license for DraftKings last week, setting up the launch.


DraftKings has not yet announced a launch date for its site, but it is expected to come quickly. There is pressure on this operator to get off to a good start before FanDuel is also able to obtain a license.

Many states throughout the country allow DFS sites to launch, but Louisiana voted to make this industry legal. DraftKings was still waiting on an official license before it decided to enter the state.

This is a slow time in the DFS industry, but DFS can still offer games and contests centered around MLB. That will give the company time to register new accounts before the start of the 2021 NFL season.

Been a Long Process

Daily Fantasy Sports was officially legalized in Louisiana way back in 2018, but only in 47 of the 64 parishes in the state. There was anticipation at the time that sites similar to DraftKings would be able to launch as early as 2019.

It has taken lawmakers several years to draft DFS rules and regulations, and it didn’t become a priority until sports betting was legalized as well. An 8% tax rate has been established for DFS operators, and that bill was signed into law by the governor back in 2020.

Once DFS is finally able to launch in Louisiana, this will mark the 44th state in the United States that officially has this site legal and live. Other operators are set to join the market at a later date, but DraftKings will have a monopoly at the beginning.

DraftKings Makes Some Changes

DraftKings is looking to get off to a great start in Louisiana, and the operator has made some improvements to entice players to sign up. The goal is to attract players from all skill levels and also give customers a chance to compete with their peers.

The Fair Play Commitment Initiative has been launched by DraftKings, and it should create a more competitive balance in the state of Louisiana. The site will also have leagues available so that customers can compete against players of similar skill levels.

The DraftKings brand is already well established in the DFS industry, but players in Louisiana are going to benefit from seeing a number of new features.

Sports Betting Still Coming

There was some belief that the sports betting industry would ultimately launch before DFS sites, but that will not be the case. A launch date for the sports betting industry has not yet been set, but there is hope that sites will be available before the start of the 2021 NFL season.

The New Orleans Saints are easily the most popular team in the state of Louisiana, and launching before they kickoff would allow the state to bring in some big numbers. Sports betting rules are still being crafted, but they need to be posted soon if a September launch will occur.

Only 55 of the 64 parishes in Louisiana approved sports betting in November 2020, similar to what took place when it came to DFS sites.