FanDuel Sportsbook California 2020: Mobile App Live Yet?

California is still working out the kinks to legalize sports betting in the Golden State. While Californians wait for sports betting to become legal, FanDuel will be ready to take advantage of a new betting market. There is a chance that FanDuel will want to partner with a casino near one of the major cities along with one of Californias largest casinos.

One partnership FanDuel can look into would be with Pechanga Resort & Casino. They are located in Temecula, California, which is the halfway point between Los Angeles and San Diego. The casino has a 188,000 square foot floor along with a hotel over 1,000 rooms.

FanDuel will want to focus on location, and Pechanga Casino is in one of the largest casinos in California for a reason. They would make a great partner for FanDuel.

Another potential partner could be Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, California. The casino is located just north of Sacramento, and about 90-minutes outside of San Francisco. Cache Creek is the largest casino in Northern California as they have a 74,000 square foot floor. Both spots would be great fits for FanDuel as they can enter one of the largest sports betting markets if California legalizes it.

FanDuel Overview

FanDuel Sportsbooks is growing into one of the best sportsbooks in the U.S. They started in the Daily Fantasy Sports industry before expanding out sports betting as the U.S. legalized it in 2018. FanDuel is a very user-friendly sportsbook, so anyone will enjoy betting.

They have built up a strong reputation with their customers and make sure everyone is satisfied while betting with FanDuel. The sportsbook at FanDuel is down-right incredible and to be honest again a bit shocking at how great it is.

FanDuel has a variety of sports to bet on from the NFL down to darts. FanDuel has it all, including Daily Fantasy Sports, and they even have a casino option on its sportsbook site. FanDuel also offers live odds and promotions.

They also offer some of the most competitive odds on the market. FanDuel is a great sportsbook to use, no matter the experience you have while betting. Their platform is straightforward and one of the easiest to use. FanDuel continues to grow across the U.S., which goes to show how great of a sportsbook they are.

New User Bonus

FanDuel is currently offering a $500 risk-free bet to new users who sign-up. If you win that first bet, then you get to keep the money. However, if you lose the first bet, then FanDuel will refund you $500. The bonus is non-withdrawable and will expire after 14 days if it is not used. There are thousands of possibilities to use the new user bonus from NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and more.

The risk-free bet must be used on odds that are -200 or less. The offer expires on 12/31/20, and you have 30 days to meet the requirements to place the bet. If you win the bet, then the cash is yours and is treated like any other bet.

When you sign-up with FanDuel, you will also receive $5 free dollars, and $5 when you make your first deposit. The first $5 credited within 72 hours and the extra $5 bonus will be given on the first deposit. Bettors can use the $5 sign-up bonus; however, they please on FanDuel.

Other Bonuses

FanDuel gives you other promotions after you sign-up. There is another sign-up bonus they off is a $20 kickback. When you sign-up FanDuel, we give you $20 no strings attached.

They also will offer you referral bonuses. When you refer a friend with your referral link, you’ll be eligible for a bonus. Once your friend plays $10 in paid contests, they will get $25, and you will get $20. The referral page allows you to copy your link or send it out via Twitter, Facebook, or via email for easier sharing.

FanDuel also offers other bonuses like $25 parlay insurance bonus, free-soccer SGP, and more. To check out additional bonuses, go to FanDuel’s promotions page upon signing-up. FanDuel makes sure their customers are taken care of by giving them different bonuses throughout the year to use.

FanDuel Availability

FanDuel is slowly expanding throughout the U.S. since sports betting was legalized in 2018. They are available in New Jersey, Michigan, Mississippi, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, New York, and West Virginia.

FanDuel has mobile betting in Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. They have retail locations in Michigan, Mississippi, and New York. FanDuel is also launching in Colorado before 2020 is over.

FanDuel is currently in eight states with Colorado on the way. They are one state behind DraftKings, which leads the U.S. market in locations. However, FanDuel will have continued to grow their brand in multiple ways, including the social media industry.

Website & Mobile App Review

Signing Up
Like all other mobile sports betting apps, the FanDuel Sportsbook app uses geolocation technology to ensure bets are placed only in the state where FanDuel is allowed. FanDuel also allows users to roam the site before signing up to understand the prices, design, offerings, and functionality of the app.

Sign-up is no different than any other app. The ask for your name, email, and phone number. FanDuel also needs to confirm you are over 21 before you can sign-up as well. Once the information is accurate, you can deposit money into your account.

Ease of Use
Finding the bets you want to make it so quick and easy. Also, FanDuel makes turning any of your bets into parlays, teasers, or round robins is extremely easy as well. This gives you incredible betting flexibility without any of the headaches of trying to find all the options you want.

On FanDuel’s homepage, they have the sportsbook, in-game betting, promotions, and casino at the top of the screen. FanDuel also has a ticker at the top of the screen that is not distracting from bettors. You can see which games are getting the most action throughout the day.

On the left side of the screen, you will be able to see the list of the different sports you can bet. When you click on any of them, it opens that sports list of bets in the middle of the screen. Across the top of that middle section, you will find the different league tabs as well as the different categories of bets offered. The categories are well organized from straight, future, and prop bets across the screen.

After you decide what you want to wager on, FanDuel makes it easy to pick the type of bet you want to place for that wager. You can create multiple bets at once or click on multiple bets to turn it into a parlay.

FanDuel’s live odds section is also very easy to use. They update live odds instantly as the game goes on, giving you every chance the place a bet during a game. FanDuel tells you which way the odds are going as they use arrows to signal if the odds or better or worse after they update them.

Available Bets
FanDuel has an insane amount of bets they offer. For major sports like the NFL and NBA, FanDuel could offer close to 30 different types of bets for one game. Of course, all sports have the traditional points spread, total, and moneyline bets available. Depending on how popular the sport is, they will add different types of bets you can bet on.

Other bets FanDuel offers are winning margin, alternative lines/totals, team totals, first-half spread, moneyline, and total, and will do first five innings for baseball games. They also offer quarter bets, player prop bets, and team prop bets, depending on the sports. FanDuel will allow you to buy and sell points on games that could change the odds in your favor.

These are just some of the bets FanDuel will offer on individual games. They will also offer futures bets and win totals in some major leagues. Some futures bets will include championship odds, divisional odds, and award-winning post-season odds. FanDuel offers odds on play props. For example, FanDuel will offer MLB player odds on most home runs or most wins.

That is not all either. FanDuel also offers win totals in almost every team sport available. You can bet on how many wins your favorite team will have for that season. All four major sports have them, along with some popular international leagues as well.

FanDuel Banking
FanDuel has one of the best banking systems of all sportsbooks. You can use a debit or credit card, PayPal, eCheck, online bank transfer, and regular check. FanDuel has approved individual banks to do direct money transfers from your bank account. Those banks include Bank of America, Capital One, Wells Fargo, TD Bank, Union Bank, and Huntington Bank. If you use that bank for your financials, then you will also be able to use it directly to deposit funds into FanDuel.

Similar to deposits, FanDuel makes withdrawing money very easy. A lot of sportsbooks will not be willing to dish out your funds as quickly as FanDuel does. The ways players can withdraw money is through eCheck, check, FanDuel Prepaid Card, or PayPal. It takes 24 hours for FanDuel to approve the payouts. Then depending on your method, you can have your money back within 24 hours. PayPal and the FanDuel card will take between 24-36 hours to get your money back. Checks will take roughly a week to get.

FanDuel Customer Support

FanDuel has four different ways to contact their customer service. Some of the support is offered 24/7 by the sportsbook. Live chat, email, phone, and mail are all possible ways to get into contact with FanDuel. Their live chat, email, and phone are available 24/7 to use. Mail is used through USPS, so there is no guarantee on how long the response time would be.

However, FanDuel’s live chat, email, and phone services are top-notch. They make sure all questions and concerns are handled for you without any headaches. FanDuel wants to make sure all their customers are fully satisfied, and that comes with excellent customer service.

Pros of FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel has one of the best sportsbooks available on the market. They make it easy to use for any level of experience. FanDuel also offers great odds and bonuses compared to other sportsbooks. Their interface is one of the best in the business, make placing bets easy to do. They also offer live odds and a variety of bets you can bet on. They make it easy to withdraw and deposit money, and it can be done from your bank account. FanDuel is easily one of the best sportsbooks to use for any better.

Cons of FanDuel Sportsbook

It is hard to find many cons using FanDuel. They make using their app so easy and offer great bonuses and promotions before and after you sign-up. One issue users might find annoying is that FanDuel does not allow you to change the odds. Their odds are only American odds, and do not let you change how to read the odds if someone was using them from another country.

FanDuel FAQ

Is FanDuel Sportsbook legal in California?

Not right now, FanDuel is not legal in California. The state is still working on legalizing sports betting within the state, so FanDuel is not allowed to offer sports betting.

Is FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports legal in California?

Yes and no, California does not have laws about Daily Fantasy Sports, but FanDuel does receive about $20 million in revenue from California each year. Californians are able to use FanDuel Daily Fantasy Sports in the state despite not having regulations surrounding it.

How user-friendly is there interface?

FanDuel makes placing bets very easy for any level of experience. There sleek style and easy to use design is arguably the best part of the app. Placing bets is simple as everything is nice and organized.

What is the new user sign-up bonus?

Right now, FanDuel is offering a new user sign-up bonus of free $5. Once you sign-up, FanDuel will deposit $5 into your account just for joining. Then, they will give you another $5 upon making your first deposit. That’s $10 free right off the bat. They will also give you a $500 risk-free bet when you sign-up. If you bet $500 and lose, then they will give a free $500 to bet on them.

Where can I use FanDuel sportsbook?

FanDuel sportsbook is operating in New Jersey, Michigan, Mississippi, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Iowa, New York, and West Virginia. FanDuel is also in the works on entering the Colorado market as well. If you live in one of these states, then you will be able to use FanDuel.

Is it easy to withdraw money from FanDuel?

Yes, FanDuel makes it very easy for customers to withdraw money. Withdrawing funds from your FanDuel account will most likely take at least 24 hours to get depending on which method you choose. They allow you to withdraw by check, eCHeck, FanDuel Prepaid Card, and Paypal.

Is FanDuel bigger than DraftKings?

Right now, DraftKings has a slightly bigger market than FanDuel. DraftKings is in nine states compared to FanDuel’s eight. However, FanDuel is working on entering the Colorado market, so that will give them nine states to be operating in. Also, FanDuel is working on entering the media market so FanDuel odds are posted on multiple media platforms.