GAN Limited to Launch Sports Betting Simulation

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GAN Limited, a leading software supplier in the internet industry, is expecting to launch a simulated sports betting experience through The simulation will launch in Ohio and will be a join effort with Kambi’s sports technology data and analysis.

“The addition of simulated Internet sports betting is a natural extension of our existing product offering with key partners, as it offers sports bettors, in any state, the ability to participate in active sporting events with the added benefit of full integration with rewards program. We will continue to work closely with relevant partners on all aspects of our current and subsequent rollouts, including plans for the launch of real money Internet sports betting and casino gaming, pending regulation,” said Tom Ustunel, Vice President of Gaming Operations.

The simulation launch in Ohio is still pending legislation approval, but it does look promising that GAN Limited will be able to tryout its sports betting simulation. Plus, this could give Ohio an idea of what sports betting would look like in the state.

What is GAN Limited?

GAN Limited is based out of Irvine and provides internet gaming software to casinos in the U.S. They are not working on launching simulated sports betting experience in Ohio through A successful simulation launch would be more marketshare in the simulated gaming market, and also help grow with the partnership in Kambi.

The cool thing with the sports betting simulation is that Ohioans can track their performance and compare their results with other sports bettors. They can also see what sports are profitable for them and what aren’t.

Some experts expect that simulated sports betting could become more popular in the U.S. as the country legalizes betting per state. GAN Limited’s software and simulations would appeal to a younger audience that is starting to enter the casino and sports betting market.

This would allow people to experience what it is like to bet on sports before actually putting real money on it. GAN is looking to appeal to younger and middle-aged male audience trying to dabble in sports betting.

Can Simulated Sports Betting Help State Legalize the Real Thing?

There can be an argument made on how simulated sports betting could have states legalizing it for real. Ohio is still in the works of creating legislation around sports betting, yet, they are close to allowing a simulated version of the industry.

This might help Ohio legislators figure out what the rules around sports betting should be depending on what data says with simulated betting.

This could also help states that might not be in favor of allowing sports betting in the state. A simulated version could change the minds of politicians and residents in the state opposed to it.

With GAN’s U.S. headquarters located in Irvine, they could help push sports betting legalization in the Golden State. California has struggled to find common ground between lawmakers and casinos trying to legalize sports betting. Maybe a simulated version would help the state legalize what could be a enormous industry in California.