Kings/Ducks NHL Win Totals for 2022-2023

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The 2022-23 NHL season is already underway, and the San Jose Sharks were actually the first team to take the ice for real. San Jose suffered a 3-2 loss to the Nashville Predators in the season opener, and that could be a theme for the season for the Sharks.

The state of California is home to a number of different NHL teams, and there is a chance that at least one team could be at the top of the Pacific Division. This division appears to be wide open heading into the year, and that isn’t the case with some of the other divisions.

Betting on the regular season point total is one great way to bet on the NHL before the season begins, and you can find some good odds for the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. There are other ways to bet on the NHL as well, but betting on regular season points really stands out before the season begins.

Kings Could Be Contenders

It wasn’t that long ago when the Los Angeles Kings were consistently one of the best teams in the NHL, especially in the Pacific Division. The Kings were in complete control in the Pacific Division, and they were able to use a great regular season to get them in a good position for the playoffs.losangeleskings

The oddsmakers like the chances for the Kings this season, as well as the over/under for regular season points, which is set at 95.5. It usually takes around 100 regular season points to be on top of the division, but the Kings could be in the mix even if they are right at that mark.

This franchise also has plenty of success in the postseason, and just making the field would make them a dangerous team.

Ducks Destined to Struggle

The Anaheim Ducks were not a good team a season ago, and the preseason projections don’t look good for them at all this season, either. It would be a pretty big shock if the Ducks were able to compete for a playoff spot this season, and they could end up being one of the worst teams in the league.anaheimducks

The over/under for regular season points for the Ducks is set at 79.5, and that is a pretty interesting number. It seems as if this season could go either way for Anaheim, and the play of some young talent could end up dictating how the season goes.

What About the Sharks?

The Sharks were able to be featured in the NHL season opener, but things didn’t go very well for San Jose. Based on the preseason projections for the Sharks, it could be a long year for the NHL fans in that city.sanjosesharks

San Jose is not expected to be a contender in the Pacific Division, but there are some other teams that will be. The Edmonton Oilers and Calgary Flames both have a regular season point total set at over 100, and those two teams are expected to battle it out for the title all season long.