Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds 2021

The Rams are one of the clear favorites in the league to bring home the Lombardi Trophy for the 2021 NFL Season. Almost all of that has to do with the acquisition of Matthew Stafford. With a solid pro-bowl level caliber quarterback to run this offense and with how well the defense played last season, it is easy to see why the public, experts, and oddsmakers are all set on the Rams to be one of the best teams in 2021.

los angeles ramsThe Rams are sitting as the clear #3 favorites to win behind the former champion Bucs and former AFC champion Chiefs. However, if it were not for the stacked division that the Rams play in, these odds would most likely become even shorter. The 49ers are the main competition and sit as the #5 favorite for the Super Bowl. Obviously, only one of these teams can even win the division, so it is hard to have both listed as favorites on the odds side of things.

Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl Odds

DraftKings Odds
Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl +1,300
Los Angeles Rams NFC Championship+600
Los Angeles Rams NFC West Championship+180

Offseason Changes

I actually believe that the Rams did not get that much better this offseason. Do not get me wrong, I love Stafford and think that was the best move the team made. Stafford completely changes the caliber of this offense. The Rams should become the dominant force one now expects from Sean McVay. He is smart, talented, and will drive the ball down the field time and time again.

However, the former number one NFL defense got much worse. The team lost John Johnson, Troy Hill, and Samson Ebukam. That is, a lot of talent vanished from existence in that defense. Now, the team is still going to be solid on defense, most likely top-10, but they are not going to dominate like we saw last year.

There were basically no moves in the draft or free agency that were made to replace any of these players. Instead, the teams wasted their first pick at 57 overall on Tutu Atwell, someone that should not even see the field if Van Jefferson pans out as one would expect.

The Offense

The offense may be the best side of the ball for the Rams in 2021, which is a very scary thought. Last year, Jared Goff simply could not make the throws that McVay needed him to make in order to run the offense. That will NOT be an issue with Matthew Stafford. He has Robert Woods, Cooper Kup, Van Jefferson, Tyler Higbee, Tutu Atwell, and DJax to throw the ball to. That is a pretty great set of weapons in a highly efficient offense.

However, one of my favorite parts of the 2021 Rams will be the run game. Cam Akers was looking excellent towards the end of 2020, and now the team is going to have a passing attack that other teams need to respect. With the same offensive line returning, this should be terrifying for opposing defensive coordinators.

The Defense

As mentioned, the defense is not the same as it was last year. While John Johnson and Troy Hill may not be household names, these two were some of the best of the best at their positions in the secondary. Jalen Ramsey and Marcus Peters are still there, but teams will have a much easier time getting some kind of air attack going in 2021 against the Rams.

Where the Rams can make it even harder on opposing offenses, will be upfront. While there were no additions to the team’s front-7 that are incredibly notable, the team obviously believes Leonard Floyd can be even better. Otherwise, I am not sure how you justify that insanely large contract that they gave him.

The defense will not be as good, but this is still a star-studded group of players who will get the ball back to their offense a ton.


The Rams are a very very good football team heading into 2021; however, my issue lies with how tough the NFC West is going to be. I do not think that you are getting much value at +1,300 with the Rams. This is simply due to how hard it will be for them to just make the playoffs. They should be in the playoffs, but if Seattle and Arizona both show up this year, it is a super tough division.

The team itself, in a vacuum, is a Super Bowl contender; however, their circumstance leaves a lot to be desired on the value front when looking at any of the odds, whether that be Super Bowl, conference champion, or even divisional champion.