Morongo Casino Goes Cashless, Becomes First California Casino to Offer Electronic Wagers

Morongo Casino Goes Cashless

What is Cashless Wagering?

The first thing that may come to one’s mind is online or mobile wagering; however, that is not quite what this kind of gambling is. There are no mobile games or wagers that you are betting with. Instead, what you are doing is funding a virtual wallet on your phone that can then be scanned to the in-person machines to bet with.

This technology is not new, but very few casinos have adopted it. Part of this has been stubbornness, and part of this has been worries about regulations and how exactly it fits in. There have actually been many arcades that have adopted this technology before casinos.

However, Marker Trax is a company that has pushed its product into a few casinos, and Morongo has now adopted it. Using a SYNKROS virtual wallet, from Konami company, Marker Trax, is able to transfer money from that wallet into the in-person games at these casinos.

Customers use the wallet to deposit money instead of going with cash. Then, at the games, you can electronically transfer funds to wager with. The casinos are able to have full access to transfers and monitoring systems so that they have the same level of command and security that they would with cash.

Bettors will be able to withdraw money right into their accounts using the same technology that SYNKROS allows deposits with. Marker Trax and SYNKROS will automatically settle any outstanding transactions when the customer goes to withdraw their money.

Morongo Casino

Morongo Casino is located right outside Palm Springs and has officially announced a partnership with Marker Trax, becoming the first California casino to offer this cashless way of wagering at its casino. The technology had only been available in Nevada, but now California players can use Marker Trax on a majority of slots at Morongo.

Morongo is taking a huge leap for California casinos with this decision. While it is not quite mobile betting, it is a move towards electronic, cashless wagering. This is the future, and it may not be long before mobile and online betting are a part of California’s wagering system. This is the first step: get bettors used to using their phones and online virtual wallets, which makes placing wagers so much easier for everyone involved.

This system will make it so that Morongo needs to keep less cash on hand. Bettors do not have to be hammered down with cash and instead can easily fill up their SYNKROS wallet when they want to place wagers.

I would not be surprised that following this decision, Morongo Casino continues to lead the way in California when it comes to innovation in the wagering scene. The fact that it was the first to take a shot at this cashless wagering tells me that this is the casino that will be willing to put itself out there and try out new, better, and easier ways to wager for its consumers.

Morongo Casino is located at 49020 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 92230, and you can find out more about the virtual wallet and the technology on Marker Trax’s website.