NBA Playoffs Start on Monday; How do the Clippers and Lakers Fair in the Bubble?

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The NBA playoffs are finally here, and both Los Angeles teams are atop of the Western Conference. The Lakers and Clippers both have an excellent chance of winning the NBA title, and will most likely see each other in the Western Conference Finals.

Both the Clippers and Lakers have the best odds to meet in the finals, are have two of the top three best odds to win the NBA finals, with the Milwaukee Bucks being the other team. This season, the playing field is a bit more even in both conferences, so it should be interesting with what goes down in the Orlando bubble.

The title is anyone for the taking.

Lakers Odds

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The Los Angeles Lakers’ road to the NBA Title is rough. The Lakers will have to take on a very talented Portland Trail Blazers team, and following that they will take on the Houston Rockets next round. If all goes well there then they will see the Los Angeles Clippers in the final round of the Western Conference. Easier said than done, right?

Then, if the Milwaukee Bucks make the NBA Finals, the Lakers will have to dethrone the likely league MVP. It is not an easy road.

As of writing this, the Lakers are +225 to win the NBA Title, according to FanDuel and DraftKings sportsbooks.

The Lakers will need to figure out a way to stop Damian Lillard who has been red-hot since entering the NBA bubble. They would be the best team in the bubble if it was not for the Phoenix Suns who have been snubbed out of playoff spot.

Los Angeles should still make it to the Western Conference finals with guys like Lebron James and Anthony Davis on their team. However, if the Lakers do not get their shooting right then, it could turn ugly for the purple and gold.

Clippers Odds

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The Clippers go into the playoffs with +300 odds to win the NBA title, according to FanDuel.

The Clippers have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to help carry the load. Leonard is a two-time finals MVP and George is an all-star.

They will also have help with Lou William and Pet Beverly who both can help on either side of the floor. Lou Williams is a great player to have coming off the bench while Beverly will lock down any opponent.

Do not forget the Clippers also have Ivica Zubac who could be one of the biggest role players the Clippers need. Having a strong presence in the post will help the Clippers in the playoffs, especially if they see the Lakers and Bucks down the road.

Zubac is averaging 8.3 points and 7.6 rebounds per game this season. In the NBA bubble, he is turning into an 11/11 guy which is even better for the Clippers. Zubac dominated the Mavericks in the bubble, so that will help with their first-round matchup.

With the Clippers being one of the most well-round teams in Orlando, do not be surprised if they come out of this season as champions.