Nevada Looks to Online Sports Betting

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This week, the Nevada Gaming Control Board will hold a public workshop discussing the possibility of allowing online sports betting registration. This is the second time for Nevada to try and pass online sports betting registration.

They tried in 2016 and then again in 2018 but had no luck in doing so.

Early on, states that have allowed for online betting registration have had more success than states that didn’t. Overall, it comes down to allowing people to sign-up for an account from home instead of going to a sportsbook in-person to create one.

Die-hard sports bettors will go in-person, but the casual bettors, the one sportsbooks are trying to target, are the ones that will make the difference. The easier it is for casual bettors to get involved, the more states will benefit from them and the sign-up process as easy as possible. Unless someone is already at a casino, casual bettors are most likely not going to go out of their way to create an account compared to if they were able to do it from home.

Why Nevada Should Adopt Mobile Betting

We are in a pandemic!

Las Vegas has been one of the worst-hit cities in terms of economic impact from the COVID-19 outbreak. The gaming industry and everything else that goes into has taken a hit as Las Vegas does not see the travel amount to Sin City with all the restrictions.

All of this has a domino effect, and casinos and sportsbooks in the area are taking a hit. Nevada sports betting is falling behind New Jersey thanks to the lack of adoption of mobile sports betting.

Atlantic City is becoming the new Vegas, and Las Vegas remains at limited capacity across the city. New Jersey has embraced mobile sports betting, seeing close to 90% of the bets come in via mobile device thanks to COVID-19 keeping everyone at home.

In September, New Jersey also broke Nevada’s record sports betting handle from November 2019. Mobile betting was the reason for this. September was a loaded sports month, but Nevada and New Jersey were able to benefit from it. Well, New Jersey saw a greater impact as Nevada’s in-person betting can only go so far in a pandemic.

Why Nevada Won’t Adopt Mobile Betting

Nevada will have a more difficult time adopting mobile betting is because of Las Vegas. Heading to the casino and sportsbook is a huge reason for what the city has turned into. People travel from all over the world to go to Las Vegas.

Industries have also taken advantage of having industry events in the city to help the people attending make it much more enjoyable.

Las Vegas would rather see people in the casinos and sportsbooks than people betting from their phones. It most likely comes down to that. In-person gaming is everything to the state, and mobile betting threatens that in their eyes.

However, the state should consider especially in a pandemic. Maybe if they allow mobile sports betting registration, they can create special offers to attract customers when the pandemic ends.