November 8th Big Day for Potential California Sports Betting

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Even though lawmakers in the state of California have been unable to pass a sports betting bill, the state could see the industry in 2023. November 8th is now the most important day of the year for those that hope to see sports betting in California.

There will be a pair of ballot measures facing voters in the state on November 8th, and each will legalize a specific form of sports betting if passed. These ballot measures are actually in competition with one another and could create an interesting situation if both are approved.

There would still be some work that needs to be done in California even if the ballot measures are passed, but this is an important step. It’s impossible to know if there is enough support in California for sports betting, but the answer will be coming soon.

It has taken some work before these ballot measures have been approved to be placed in front of voters, including gathering over 1 million signatures. One of the ballot measures focuses on retail sports betting only, while the other would create a full-fledged sports betting market.

Sportsbooks Getting a Chance

The most recent ballot measure to be approved came after sports betting operators banded together to work on an initiative. Companies such as DraftKings and FanDuel, just to name a few, worked to getfanduelsportsbookblue something in place to legalize online sports betting throughout the state of California.

Part of the plan from the sportsbooks is to earmark a portion of the sports betting revenue to help end homelessness in the state of California. These sportsbooks wouldn’t be able to simply offer sports betting in the state but would instead be required to partner with a Native American tribe in California.

Tribes Want Control

Partnering with a sportsbook is something that has been brought up by the Native American tribes, but not in an effort to offer online sports betting. Native American tribes were the first to get the required number of signatures to get an initiative on the ballot.

These Native American tribes are hoping that voters agree to legalize sports betting, but they want complete control over the industry. This also means that card rooms would be completely left out as all of the betting would be done on tribal property.

While the sportsbook operators are hoping that the two measures can actually work together, that is not the case with the Native American tribes.

Battle Has Begun

Voters in the state of California are going to be bombarded with advertisements and propaganda over the next few months as both sides are hoping to get their measures passed. Sportsbooks are expected todraftkingsprimary spend big money in an attempt to gain support, but the Native American tribes have actually taken the first shot.

In a recent ad, tribes in California have called out DraftKings and the claim from sportsbook operators that they are trying to solve homelessness. Sportsbook operators have yet to respond, but they are expected to start sending out information soon.