Rep. Ken Luttrell Believes that Legal Sports Betting in Oklahoma is Unlikely in 2022


Oklahoma’s push for sports betting has made strides this year, but the effort might fall short during this legislative session. Rep. Ken Luttrell sponsored HB 3008 in early January, but the odds are against the bill getting heard on the House floor this year.

The Legislative Session in Oklahoma City is Set to End Soon

The House Appropriations and Budget Committee approved HB 3008 28-3. The bill would allow retail sports betting to take place through the Oklahoma state-tribal gaming compact. The bill would need support from both the House and the Senate before reaching Gov. Kevin Stitt’s desk for consideration.

Stitt has been in disagreement with the tribes in regards to renewing the tribal gaming compacts. The legislative session is set to end on May 7th, so the clock is ticking as April will be here in a few days.

What is Rep. Ken Luttrell’s Plan For HB 3008

At this point, it is unclear what Gov. Kevin Stitt’s stance is on establishing a sports betting market in Oklahoma. Luttrell stated the bill most likely “Won’t have a seat at the gaming table this session.” There is widespread support throughout the Sooner State, but the state Senate might not be interested in hearing a sports betting option.

There is no plan to seek Senate approval as residents already place wagers on offshore sportsbooks and local bookies. The state doesn’t collect any revenue by not having a legal market.

Luttrell reiterated the fact that some states that border Oklahoma has or are considering establishing sports betting within its borders. One casino in Arkansas offers mobile sports wagering for its residents. Sports gambling in Kansas and Missouri is under consideration at the Legislature.

Luttrell is a Cherokee citizen that will continue to have conversations with the tribes, the Senate, and the executive branch in regards to sports betting to ensure a competitive market with those bordering the state. Luttrell believes that launching a sports betting market will help the state and those residing in it.

Under the proposed bill, HB 3008, the state would be able to receive 10 percent of the monthly net win from sportsbook operators that will conduct business across the state. Lutrell cited a 2017 Oxford Economics Group study that suggests that retail sports betting inside casinos could generate the state $240 million in revenue annually.

Gaming Facilities in Oklahoma Are Home to the Tribes

Casinos throughout Oklahoma are run by the state’s 35 tribal nations. The tribal nations operate more than 130 gaming facilities. According to the Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association, these casinos have a wide range of variety, ranging from Las Vegas-style casinos to travel plazas with slot machines.

The tribes are also in charge of 72,850 electronic devices and 5,300 bingo seats as there is no other source of competition as non-tribal casinos don’t operate in the state. Oklahoma is home to the Oklahoma City Thunder and strong collegiate programs.

Legal sports betting most likely won’t take place in Oklahoma in 2022, but establishing a market would bring more jobs to the state in the future.