Sports Betting in New York, Texas, and Florida are Trending Up, is California Next?

California Sports Betting coming soon

Governor Cuomo Supports Sports Betting

Recent news has come out about Governor Cuomo and his support for sports betting expansion within New York. This was teased earlier last year when Cuomo suggested that sports betting could be one avenue that the state makes up lost revenue due to the pandemic. If New York were to legalize online sports betting, it could quickly turn into the largest market in the United States.

This seems to be a complete 180 to the apathetic attitude the Governor had toward sports betting expansion in the Empire State for most of his appointment. Online sports betting now has a significant backer in New York that it was missing for pushes that were made in the State House and Senate in 2019 and 2020.

Other Large States Trend Towards Sports Betting

Florida has recently seen a bill hit a committee in the House that would allow for an expansion of gaming in the state, and it would include online sports betting. This bill is one of the more sportsbook and bettor friendly bills we have seen attempted and promises a full allotment of sportsbooks that would be accessible online and regulated by the State Lottery.

Meanwhile, in Texas, there are rumblings of state representatives working on a bill to put sports betting on the docket for 2021. Texas, like most states, needs to find new revenue to balance the books after the disaster that was 2020. It could be that sports betting is the new revenue the state needs.

What Does This Means for California?

While rapidly expanding sports betting cannot be bad for California’s chances of getting sports betting on the 2022 ballot, these movements do not really do much as of right now. There is currently no real pressure by the people in California to get sports betting done. There is also little in the way of pressure on tribal casinos to not act so selfishly when proposing bills and gambling amendments that would end up hurting both the state and consumers while they profit.

What we can say is that more and more members of state congresses are supporting sports gambling, and hopefully, that leaks into California. We also have seen that governors can change their minds like Cuomo.

However, while these things are not bad for California sports betting, they are not super meaningful. California has an extremely hard road ahead that includes tackling a State Constitutional Amendment, getting tribal casinos on board, getting voters to vote for gambling, and figuring out regulation. Many other states have a much easier time getting these bills through since there is not as much red tape.

There will be no sports betting in California in 2021, or probably 2022. The hope is that 2022 can see legalization at least begin for California. As more states move closer and more states get behind sports betting, California does not want to be last to the table, especially with all it offers in terms of revenue for sports gambling. As it currently stands California is the #1 target for all sportsbooks if it were to legalize, but that could change in the future.