Sportsbook Operators Look to Change Their Marketing Strategy as the Recent Polling Data for Prop 27 is Underwhelming

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Earlier this week, California’s sports push for a sports betting market entered a critical time as there are less than 50 days until Election Day. The gaming tribes and mobile sportsbooks continue to use their marketing strategies to gain an edge before the day comes.

There Are Less Than 50 Days Until the Election

The sportsbook operators that have pushed Proposition 27 have continued to closely monitor the polling data. The voters across the Golden State will have the power to have a say on the market.

Voters can choose one initiative on the ballot or choose the “yes” or “no” option on both Proposition 26 and 27. As a resident of Los Angeles, FanDuel CEO Amy Howe stated that she and those who reside across the state had seen a plethora of commercials related to sports gambling.fanduelsportsbookblue

During a business conference in New York, BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt and Howe discussed business-related matters for 25 minutes. Prop 26’s goal is to control the market by only allowing sports wagering to take place on tribal and the four race tracks.

Prop 27 would allow mobile sportsbooks to conduct business in the state. This would allow sportsbooks to partner with casinos and other gaming facilities to start online sports betting.

The Polling Data May Not be Good for Prop 27

The recent polling data may not be what the mobile sportsbook operators were looking forward to. Both sides have spent industry-record funds to get their point across during the ongoing battle.

In a recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California, those who partake in the survey have gone against mobile sports betting. According to the numbers, 54 percent went against Prop 27. Only 34 percent of the respondents supported the initiative.

Greenblatt stated, “What I’ve learned is, in elections, you just never know,…Polling is directional but not determinant.” According to the data, 1,705 adults were involved in the survey. The CEOs are undeterred by the results of the survey.

Howe reminded the residents that if Prop 27 doesn’t come out as the winner, the black market will still be a part of the jurisdictions. Offshore sportsbooks like Bovada don’t have to abide by the rules and regulations the United States has set in place for the gaming industry. These offshore sites don’t pay taxes, which makes it easier for these bookmakers to market their platforms.

Looking at Other Markets Across the Industry

Arizona has become a prominent market in the industry as the state will host the Super Bowl. BetMGM was a part of a historic event as it opened the first retail sportsbook at State Farm Stadium this week, as the location had a solid start.Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas has recently joined the sports betting industry. Missouri residents have been trying to place wagers in the state, according to GeoComply. During the football season, 340,000 attempts have been made, and this number is likely to increase as the Kansas City Chiefs continue to play well.

The Kansas City Chiefs have the second-best odds to win the Super Bowl this season. The Chiefs are currently tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while the Buffalo Bills are the favorites.