West Virginia Sees Increase in Sports Betting Numbers for November

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The state of West Virginia has had a steady climb in the sports betting industry, and the November numbers prove that trend. Total sports betting handle was just over $48.5 million for November, which is an increase of nearly 9 percent from October.

While other states have seen some tremendous jumps over the last few months, the industry in West Virginia has progressed much slower. When looking at the year-over-year comparisons from November 2019, sports betting handle jumped nearly 50 percent.

Sports betting revenue also went up for November, and that number is the one that is most important to the state. West Virginia is another state that is trying to recover financially from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the state relies heavily on sports betting revenue.

Last month, sports betting revenue was $4.4 million, which was an increase of almost 18 percent from October. The year-over-year revenue jump was nearly 93 percent as November 2019 produced just $2.3 million in revenue.

West Virginia does factor these totals every week, and so all of these figured ended on November 28.

Mobile Betting Sees Most Action

Once again, it was the mobile sportsbooks that brought in more of the action for the state of West Virginia. Mobile sports betting accounted for more than $28.4 million, which equates to just about 58.5 percent.

Mobile sports betting revenue also saw an increase of 6.6% from the October figures, and up nearly 75% from November 2019. This is another trend that has been established throughout the United States, and it continues in West Virginia.

iGaming Growing as Welldraftkingsdfs

Not only is the sports betting industry growing in West Virginia, but the iGaming industry is doing the same thing. West Virginia is just one of four states in this country that offer iGaming, with Michigan set to become the fifth at some point in 2021.

The November iGaming handle was $72.6 million, and the revenue was reported at $2.1 million. Revenue increased by just over 30 percent from October, while iGaming handle increased by nearly 37 percent.

There are three online casinos currently in operation in West Virginia, and DraftKings is currently leading the way. BetMGM and NetEnt joined the market earlier this fall, and they have helped produce some solid numbers.

Big December Expectednbalogo100

With the National Football League still going on during December, and the start of the NBA season, experts predict a big month ahead for the West Virginia sports betting industry. Betting on the NFL continues to be the most popular market, and this time of year is extremely exciting.

Normally, the NBA season would have already started by now, along with the NHL. The NBA will get things going just before Christmas, and it should lead to an increased excitement level throughout the WV sports betting industry.

The entire United States sports betting industry has seen tremendous growth, and a huge finish to the 2020 calendar year is expected in all of the markets.