With Election Arriving; Six Key States Need to Turn Red for Trump to Remain in Office

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The 2020 Presidential race is heating up, with Election Day set for Tuesday, November 3. Political analysts and experts have been working hard to handicap the race, and six key states will determine the eventual outcome. 

Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas have traditionally been huge swing states in the election, and all six states voted for Trump in 2016. Political analysts predict that there is a better chance for Trump to win all six states in 2020 than to win none of them. fanduel

The latest models suggest that Biden is winning the polls by a margin of 10 points, but that could change once the results are shown. Both candidates have been campaigning hard in these states while also making frequent stops throughout the United States. 

Political betting is not legal in the United States, but bookmakers in the UK have been updating odds daily. Currently, Biden is a slight favorite over Trump, and oddsmakers predict that a number of these states will flip to blue. 

Arizona and North Carolina Might Flip Blue

Arizona and North Carolina are two of Trump’s biggest concerns as both states have flipped to blue recently. Trump narrowly won the vote in Arizona in 2016, and there is a worry that voters will flip the state to blue this time around.DraftKings logo

North Carolina voted Republican in 2008, and it played a key role in Barack Obama getting into the White House. Joe Biden is hoping for a similar result in 2020 to help take the election from President Trump. 

Both Arizona and North Carolina are historically Red states, but analysts believe that this could be a victory for Joe Biden. 

Ohio Results Could Predict Outcome

Political experts will be keeping a close eye on the results from Ohio on November 3, as this state has backed the eventual winner every year since 1964. Ohio is known as one of the greatest swing states in the US, and both candidates have hit the campaign trail hard here.

Trump was able to win Ohio during the 2016 election, but current polling has the election as a tie in this state. Other states will play a role in determining the outcome of this election, but the winner of Ohio will likely prove to win the 2020 election. 

Florida Most Contentious State

Florida has been the state where both Trump and Biden have campaigned the most, and it feels like it could go either way on election night. Most political analysts suggest that a Trump loss in Florida would signal Biden’s victory, but it’s too tough to call at this point.

The Democrats have a clear edge in the Hispanic vote, while Republicans traditionally dominate the senior vote in Florida. Odds have suggested that Trump and the Republican Party have started to lose the senior vote, which could prove detrimental to the President’s chances as a second term.