ZenSports Strikes Deal to Enter Nevada

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ZenSports’ is a peer-to-peer sports betting product, and has been a primary sports betting symbol in the international market. In March 2019, they launched and are finally taking steps to earn a sports betting license in the United States.

They signed a deal with Strategic Gaming Management and has a acquired an option to purchase Big Wheel Casino in Lovelock, Nevada. This is a huge get for ZenSports and could also operate a sportsbook in Baldini’s Sports Casino in Reno, Nevada.

“One of the biggest hurdles in getting licensed to operate an internet/mobile sports betting platform in the United States is the requirement to own or partner with a land-based sportsbook and casino. Through our great relationship with Strategic Gaming Management, we were able to secure the option to purchase this business in Nevada, which is the first critical step in getting ZenSports licensed and operating in the state,” said ZenSports co-founder and CEO Mark Thomas.

ZenSports now has the right to buy and own a sportsbook and casino of their own in Nevada. What they will try and do next is operate a mobile betting app to then help spread the brand across the state of Nevada. ZenSports still has to go through licenses and technology certification before this happens, however.

California Getting into Sports Betting

Over the long-term of this new deal, ZenSports will be able to get their foot in the door for sports betting and will have a chance to be first in the market when California legalizes it. ZenSports will be able to operate their sportsbook and also build their own at Big Wheel Casino.

The expansion into Nevada will help them grow their company and understand the sports betting market even more. When California legalizes sports betting, then they will be able to set up their operations based on their Nevada experience.

ZenSports will be able to grow its peer-to-peer sports betting operation as well. Nevada has one of the largest sports betting markets in the world, and ZenSports can now help their company grow within it.

About ZenSports

ZenSports is a consumer peer-to-peer mobile sports betting product that can become legal in any marketplace. They are also showing that they can operate anywhere in the world as well and create any type of legal bet without needing a centralized bookmaker. This is by far the first of its kind and could become a huge hit over the coming years.

Consumers have an easy time to quickly create bets with their own odds and terms to it. They can also accept any other bets that come in the marketplace and all it is only a fraction of the traditional bookmaker cost that ZenSports takes. This can all happen from their phone.

ZenSports just recently launched a new business called ZenSports for the Business platform product suite. This gives sports, gaming, and industry media enterprises the possibility of getting the power ZenSports has in the peer-to-peer sports betting and cryptocurrency market. ZenSports is out here playing chess while everyone plays checkers.